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Twin Acoustic Super Charger® & Muffler-FreeTM
X-Pipe design

* Twin Acoustic Super Charger® (ASC®), MUFFLER-FREETM, Cat-Back system.
_The real X-Pipe exhaust designed and developed by the real inventor of the X-Pipe exhaust technology; Monty Campbell
_Knowledge is power!

* Complete, smog legal Cat-Back system!

* 2 1/2" free flowing system with 4 Chrome tips.

* Big Block power:
_Acoustic Super Charger® technology
__Converts excess sound pressure (noise) into increased cylinder pressure (adding 18+ RWBHP)
__Generates 3 power peaks; at 2,000, 4,000, & 6,000 rpm!

* X-Pipe puts the fun back in driving.
_NASCAR-like snarl
_Exciting, 4 channel Surround Sound experience
_No annoying muffler/cab resonance.

* Twin ASC® X-Pipe exhaust out performs titanium!
_Muffler-FreeTM technology allows Twin ASC® X-Pipe system weighs less than a conventional titanium cat back system.
_Less weight, more power, less cost!
_X-Pipe gets the lead out!

_Twin Acoustic Super Charger® beats scavenge every time!
_No rigged magazine tests needed!
_No risk, you have nothing to lose. . . . You know who has the best system. This is it!

_No copy cats, please.

* Bayonette mounts ease installation & guarantee a perfect fit & finish.

* Upgradable: compatible with manifolds or headers, cats or off road "H" pipes, blower &/or nitrous.

* Fits: C4

* INTERNET PRICE: $749.95 mild steel. $849.95 aluminized. $1295.00 stainless steel.

* UPS shipable

* Dealers/Jobbers/WDs welcome.

1 Note: some states require visual inspection to identify a muffler shell in the exhaust system. Standard Muffler-Free TM system may not pass some visual inspections. If in doubt, consult local requirements, then call for alternatives. Some modifications may increase price of system.
2 RETURN POLICY: Ten days, from date of receipt to date of return authorization request, to compare and return item(s) in "like new" condition only. A

15% restocking charge applies. Purchaser must call (909)466-0029 for a return authorization number before return shipment. Item must be

returned postage pre paid. Items will not be accepted C.O.D. Any item that is custom made (or constructed of stainless steel), is sold as is, with

no warranty. No warranty regarding fit, finish, nor function when used with any non stock (OEM) part: buyer assumes all risk.

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